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CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on Build Back Better Framework

October 29, 2021

Washington, DC — Following the release of President Biden’s Build Back Better framework, the CEO Climate Dialogue (CCD) — a broad-based coalition of 26 leading businesses and institutions representing multiple sectors across the U.S. economy — environmental advocacy, manufacturing, utilities, agriculture and food, energy and resources, automotive, chemicals, and financial services — issued the following statement:


“The CEO Climate Dialogue welcomes the bold climate action represented in the Build Back Better framework. If passed, the framework would usher in the strongest legislative action ever taken by the United States to combat climate change. We look forward to evaluating the details of the provisions and engaging with policymakers as the legislative process continues.


“As we move forward, Congress should work toward the adoption of another important tool to lower greenhouse gas emissions: an economy-wide price on carbon. This type of market-based climate change solution can accelerate the U.S. transition to a low-carbon economy in a cost-efficient manner while driving investment and innovations in clean energy technology and jobs.


“Given how effective an economy-wide carbon price would be in positioning the United States as an economically competitive, global leader addressing the climate crisis, CCD will continue to advocate for inclusion of an economy-wide carbon price going forward.”



CEO Climate Dialogue 

The CEO Climate Dialogue is a broad-based coalition of 26 leading businesses and institutions representing sectors across the U.S. economy — oil and gas, utilities, agriculture and food, automotive, chemicals, manufacturing, financial services, and environmental advocacy —united in their recognition of the economic, health, and environmental risks posed by climate change. The CEO Climate Dialogue seeks to facilitate high-level discussions around climate change policy and solutions in order to spur collective cross-sector action and the enactment of policies that will help to mitigate the growing challenges of climate change.  For more information on the CEO Climate Dialogue, visit

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