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CEO Climate Dialogue

Worked to advance federal climate policy based on Guiding Principles representing perspectives from diverse sectors of the U.S. economy
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The CEO Climate Dialogue, a coalition of multi-sector Fortune 500 companies and four environmental NGOs, worked for several years to advocate for bold federal policy to address the climate crisis. Following passage of the strongest climate legislation in United States history, members of the group agreed to retire the coalition to better focus on opportunities to constructively support climate action. To meet the scale and scope of the climate crisis, much work will need to be done to ensure the full potential of recently enacted policies is realized and build upon this progress. We continue to believe that future actions including passing a national carbon price can play a helpful role in creating a strong and sustainable economy, and will look for opportunities to work together on shared policy priorities going forward.

Statement on Retirement of the CEO Climate Dialogue


It is urgent that the President and Congress put in place a long-term federal policy as soon as possible to protect against the worst impacts of climate change. Acting sooner rather than later allows us to meet the climate challenge at the least possible cost and put the necessary investments in place in time to meet our emissions targets. Adherence to the full set of the following principles can help ensure success.


Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the CEO Climate Dialogue.

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