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CCD Press Releases and Statements

4/22/21 | CEO Climate Dialogue Commends Biden Administration for Setting Ambitious NDC in Line with Net Zero Goals

4/02/21 | CEO Climate Dialogue Commends Biden Administration for Prioritizing Climate Action

3/22/21 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on the Reintroduction of America's Clean Future Fund Act

3/9/21 | CEO Climate Dialogue Urges Biden Administration to Set Ambitious NDC in Line with Net Zero Goals

3/9/21 | CEO Climate Dialogue Letter: The Honorable Joseph R. Biden 

1/22/21 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement Applauding the United States Rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement​

1/22/21 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on U.S. Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen’s Confirmation Hearing  

12/2/20 | Climate Policy Action: The Business Case for Moving Forward Now (Audio Recording)

11/9/20 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on the 2020 Election Results

9/16/20 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on the Release of the Business Roundtable Policy on Climate Legislation

9/10/20 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on the Release of the "Managing Climate Risk in the U.S. Financial System" Report

8/10/20 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on the America's Clean Future Fund Act

6/30/20 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis Majority Staff Report

6/4/20 | CEO Climate Dialogue Response to the Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2020

5/27/20 | CEO Climate Dialogue Response to the CLEAN Future Act Discussion Draft

10/25/19 | CEO Climate Dialogue Affirms the Formation of the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus

7/26/19 | CEO Climate Dialogue Statement on Carbon Pricing Bills Introduced on July 25, 2019

6/21/19 | CEO Climate Dialogue Letter: U.S. Senate Committee on Finance

6/10/19 | CEO Climate Dialogue Letter: U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means 

9/17/19 | CEO Climate Dialogue Press Release: Four Major Brands Join CEO Climate Dialogue to Accelerate Federal Climate Legislation

5/15/2019 | CEO Climate Dialogue Press Release: Leading U.S. Businesses Call on Congress to Enact a Market-Based Approach to Climate Change

Op-Eds and Media Coverage

12/3/20 | S&P Global: Executives view carbon pricing as 'inevitability' in decarbonizing world

12/3/20 | Washington Examiner: Business reckons with the Biden era

12/3/20 | E&E News: Companies maneuvering to align with Biden on climate

12/3/20 | Inside EPA: Corporations urge Congress, Biden to cooperate on climate

11/10/20 | Politico: Gridlock will test corporate sustainability promises

11/2/20 | Power Mag: Follow the Money - Considering Climate in Energy Investment

10/20/20 | Op-Ed by LafargeHolcim CEO Jamie Gentoso and WRI CEO Andrew Steer in Morning Consult: Support for Climate Policy is Alive and Well in Corporate America

10/7/20 | Op-Ed by Calpine CEO Thad Hill in Morning Consult: Reliable Power for a Low-Carbon Economy

9/14/20 | Greenbiz: Why DSM, LafargeHolcim and PSEG chose this moment to lobby for a price on carbon

9/10/20 | Politico: Politico Morning Energy- Checking in one year later

9/10/20 | Washington Examiner: CEOs press Congress on carbon price

9/10/20 | E&E News: Executives bullish on Congress pricing carbon

11/11/19 | Op-Ed by WRI CEO Andrew Steer in Eco Business: Amidst despair, enlightenment and hope for the climate in the United States

11/8/19 | Forbes: The Businesses That Are – And Are Not – Leading On Climate Change

11/7/19 | Delaware Business Now: Climate caucus co-founded by Coons adds 6 additional members

11/6/19 | CBS This Morning: Twitter feed on Senate Climate Solutions Caucus 

10/31/19 | Washington Examiner: New Senate climate caucus rooted in industry shift

8/1/19 | Environmental Law Institute: CEOs Are Calling for a Big Federal Role in Climate. We Ask, What Shape Should That Action Take?

7/25/19 | Automakers Announce Terms with California on Greenhouse Gas Regulations

5/31/19 | Business Insider: Why the CEOs of Shell, BP, and 11 Other Major Corporations Have Decided to Lobby DC for Climate Change Legislation

5/28/19 | Greenbiz: The Vanguard of Corporate Climate Action has Arrived — and the Trump Administration Can’t Stop It

5/27/19 | Sustainable Brands: CEOs of Over 75 Companies Urge Congress to Set National Carbon Price

5/24/19 | Bloomberg: A CEO Council on Climate Change? That Sounds Familiar

5/24/19 | The Hill: Climate Change is a GOP Issue, Too 


5/22/19 | Forbes: Dear Companies: Your Future Customers And Employees Want Climate Action     

5/20/19 | Axios : 1 Big Thing: Big Corporate Shift on Climate Change

5/17/19 | Bloomberg: The Real Meaning Of a California Gas-Guzzler Ban

5/17/19 | BusinessGreen: Global Briefing: CEO Climate Dialogue Urges Trump to Take on Climate Challenge

5/15/19 | Grist: The CEOs Want Climate Action 

5/15/19 | Forbes: 13 Major Companies Call On Congress To Accelerate Climate Legislation. Here's Why.

5/15/19 | Washington Post Editorial Board: Wake up, Republicans. Even corporations are calling for action on climate change.